Day Training & Board+Train

Day Training

What is Day Training?
Similar to Board+Train, this service takes much of the training work off of your shoulders, without sacrificing quality bonding time with your dog. Our professional trainer will work with you to design and carry out a training plan that helps you meet your unique goals. 2-3 times a week, drop off your dog at your convenience, and they will spend the day playing, training and socializing. The trainer will keep you updated on their progress via email and video, send home homework, and answer all your questions.

At the end of your program, you will have a private coaching session to learn how to maintain and continue your dog’s training at home.

What’s the price
Prices vary depending on the program you choose. The trainer will make a recommendation of which program will be best in helping achieve your goals during your initial consultation.
Weekly: $150 | Monthly: $480
Weekly: $225 | Monthly: $720


Board+Train Packages
With our Board+Train Packages, your dog’s boarding stay will be training focused from start to finish. All programs are designed to meet your unique goals. Each of these packages include a go-home session where you will learn how to maintain and continue your dog’s training at home.

Which package is right for me?
We offer short-term packages for those looking for supplemental training, or who’s pup could use a little manners “tune up” during a long weekend.

Long term, or weekly, board+trains are perfect for addressing behavior concerns or dogs who could use a “crash course” in basic manners.

The trainer will work with you during your initial consultation to decide which of these packages will best suite your goals.

One-night: $250 | Two-night: $375 | Weekly: $950

Boarding Add-Ons
Just looking for a little extra enrichment during your dog’s boarding stay? We can do that, too! Add-on individual training sessions to your dog’s stay, and and let the trainer know via Email what you’d like to work on. This option doesn’t include a go-home session, but you will receive a detailed report card and some video footage of the sessions!

Half-hour: $60 | One-hour: $80 | Two-hours: $150
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