Reactive Rover

What is reactivity?

A reactive dog is one that barks, snarls, growls, lunges or snaps at certain triggers. There are many common reactivity triggers, including; other dogs, strangers, vehicles, small animals, and children. Oftentimes, these reactivity symptoms only present in certain situations. For example, a dog could be extremely reactive towards other dogs while on leash, but friendly and playful during off-leash play at the dog park.

Is my dog reactive?

Reactivity simply means that your dog overreacts to certain triggers. These reactive behaviors can have many different motivations. For example, a dog may bark at other dogs from fear because of past experiences; or from excitement and frustration because they want to say hello.

Many of these behaviors can be considered normal in certain circumstances, but dogs who are considered reactive typically behave at a level of intensity that doesn’t seem appropriate for the situation.

If you feel that the way your dog reacts to certain triggers is “over the top”, it is likely that they could fall under the “reactive” definition and it may be worthwhile to reach out to a qualified force free trainer for an evaluation.

How can we help?

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainer specializes in treating reactivity; specifically, but not limited to, reactions directed towards other dogs. We understand how embarrassing, frustrating and sometimes frightening these reactive behaviors can be. That is why we developed the Reactive Rover Treatment Program, to help you and your dog learn how to appropriately handle their triggers, and make life easier for you both.

This program includes weekly private coaching, video and phone sessions; a personalized training and treatment plan; and unlimited support every step of the way.

The full 6-week treatment cost is $1000+tax
Payment plans are available

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