Upcoming Training Classes and Workshops

6 Week Classes $140 

Basic Training 101 July 11th – August 15th 
Thursdays 7PM-8PM 

This course is designed to give adult dogs and their owners all the foundations they need to teach desired behavior and replace unwanted behaviors. We will be teaching all the basic behaviors such as; sit, down, stay, settle on a mat and come when called, and learn how to manage and eliminate common behavior problems.  

Puppy Basics (for puppies under 5 months and younger) July 13th – August 17th  
Saturdays 2:30PM – 3:30PM 

For all things puppy! The goal of this course is to raise confident, friendly and polite doggie members of society. We will focus on socialization to common sights, sounds and environments; cooperative handling for grooming and veterinary procedures; basic cues such as sit, down, stay, settle on a mat and come when called; walking nicely on leash; and preventing common behavior problems.  

Adolescent Manners (for dogs 5 to 18 months) July 13th – August 17th  
Saturdays 10AM – 11AM 

Adolescence is hard; for dogs and their owners! This course will help you conquer that “teenage phase”. For Puppy Basics Graduates, this class will help them maintain their confidence and teach them the essential manners for navigating society. For dogs who missed out on puppy class, this class will help them develop essential social skills and foundation training. 

Advanced Manners for Adult Dogs (requires Basic 101 or equivalent)  July 13th – August 17th  
Saturdays 11:30AM – 12:30PM 

This course is for Basic 101 (or equivalent) graduates to take their skills to the next level. It is perfect for the owner who wants their canine companion to be able to walk politely through crowded streets, behave in dog friendly public spaces and have solid focus even in the most distracting environments.  

Specialty Courses 

Growl Class for Reactive Dogs ($200) July 9th – August 20th 
Tuesdays 7PM – 8PM 

This course is for dogs who bark, growl or lunge at other dogs; whether out of fear, frustration or excitement. Dogs in this course will learn how to comfortably wear a basket muzzle, settle on a mat, encounter other dogs without reacting, walk nicely on leash and how to greet dogs politely. This is a 7-week course, including a human only orientation class the first week. 

Confidence Building for Shy and Fearful Dogs ($140) July 13th – August 17th  
Saturdays 5:30PM – 6:30PM

This course is for dogs who are shy and fearful of other dogs, people, noises and places. We will work to build trust between owners and their dogs, increase confidence in new situations and create a traveling “safe space” for our dogs to help them feel calm and comfortable in any environment.  

Enrichment and Games ($35 per class or $140 for 6) 

Saturdays 4PM-5PM

Just for fun! The Enrichment and Games Classes are for dogs and owners with solid foundation training who are looking for some fun, relationship boosting and boredom busting training options. Class activities rotate weekly. You may attend all 6 in succession or pick and choose which class fits your interest.

June 29th: Nose Work – searching for food, people or other items in hidden places. 
July 13th: Puppy Parkour – Navigating a variety of obstacles you can find in every day adventures; this will boost body awareness, confidence, strength and balance.  
July 20th: Fun-Gility – Just for fun agility. We will be learning to navigate basic agility obstacles.  
July 27th: Free Shaping – This is a fun method of training that teaches our dogs’ to get creative and interact with objects in different ways. It’s a fantastic way to work your dog’s brain, increase confidence and teach a variety of advanced behaviors such as discriminated retrieves (recognizing and retrieving specific items by name.) 
August 3rd: Tricks (Part One) – Tricks Part One is all about free standing tricks. We will learn how to train tricks like bow, wave, shake, roll over and crawl.  

August 1st: Tricks (Part Two) – Tricks Part Two is all about interactive tricks; or tricks your dog can do WITH you. We will teach our dogs how to weave between, jump over and crawl under our legs. 

Workshops ($35 per class or $140 for 6) 

Have a crazy schedule? Our training workshops are designed to serve people who are unable to attend our traditional group classes. These 6 workshops cover all the training basics and can be attended together in any order or individually to achieve specific training goals. It is recommended you attend the Clicker Training Basics class prior to any other workshops. 

Clicker Training Basics: How to use a clicker or reward marker for effective training. 
Saturday, June 22nd 12:30PM – 1:30PM and Saturday, July 27th 1PM – 2PM 

Capturing Attention: Conquer distractions and teach focus on cue.  
Thursday, June 27th 7PM – 8PM and Saturday, August 3rd 1PM – 2PM  

Leash Walking: Stop lunging, pulling and weaving on leash. 
Saturday, June 29th 12:30PM – 1:30PM and Saturday, August 10th 1PM – 2PM 

Rockin’ Recall: Train a reliable come when called, even with distractions and distance. 
Saturday, June 29th 2:00PM – 3:00PM and Saturday, August 17th 1PM – 2PM 

Stay Proofing: Train a reliable, long lasting and distraction proof stay.  
Saturday, July 13th 1PM – 2PM and Thursday, August 22nd 7PM – 8PM

Basic Cues: Get fast and reliable responses to cues, and how to train the basics. 
Saturday, July 20th 1PM – 2PM and Saturday, August 24th 1PM – 2PM 

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