Upcoming Training Classes

Our upcoming training classes for May

Training Workshops ($35 per class) 

Every Saturday from 3:30P-4:30P (Starting May 11th

Clicker Training Basics Workshop: Learn the essential foundation skills for effective clicker training. This is a great workshop for beginners or experienced dog owners who want to know more about this fun method of training. It is highly recommended that all students take this workshop prior to attending any of our other workshops or classes.  

Saturdays from 12:30P-1:30P 

May 11th – Capturing Attention Workshop: Learn how to train your dog to focus on you and stay calm in social settings.  
May 18th – Basic Cues Workshop: Learn the foundations for teaching any behavior, putting it on cue and getting reliable responses.  
May 25th – Leash Walking Workshop: Learn how to stop annoying leash behaviors like pulling, weaving or lunging. We will teach our dogs how to walk by our side, speed up, slow down and stop when we do.  
June 1st – Stay Proofing Workshop: Learn how to train a solid stay and the foundations for training at a distance.  

6-Week Courses 

Basic Training 101 ($140): Thursdays from 7P-8P Starting May 9th 
                                                Saturdays from 11A-12P Starting May 11th  

Basic Training 102 ($140): Saturdays from 10A-11A Starting May 11th  
*must have completed Basic Training 101 or a private training package.  

Enrichment and Games ($140): Saturdays from 2P-3P. Open enrollment starting May 11th 
*this is a fun and advanced training course for dogs and handlers with good foundation skills. Students must have completed Basic Training 101 and 102, a private session package or a Clicker Training Basics Workshop. 

Specialty Courses 

Growl Class for Reactive Dogs ($200): Tuesdays from 7P-8P Starting May 7th  
*This is a 7-week course specially designed to help dogs who bark, growl, lunge at or fight with other dogs. A private consultation ($25) is required to make sure this is the right course for you. 

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